Design isn’t just a thing, it’s a trigger. It’s not just what it is, it’s what it does. Volume is a design agency that specializes in creating the artifacts, the systems and the experiences that activate people. Analog or digital. An environment, an identity, or an idea.
Congrats to Volume partner @ericfheiman on his recent @AIGASF Fellow award. Read the interview with Jeremy Mende he……
@yesmoon Start date is any time during the first 3 weeks of May, finishes at the end of August.
Intern with us this summer! Paid, and you work on everything. Send work link, resume, and note of interest to by 3/21.
Hence the reason we'll probably never move to Irvine...…
Low income students who are involved in the arts are more than 2x as likely to graduate college as their peers with……

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