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A “No” manifesto for 21st century design.

Volume partner Eric Heiman wrote and designed the feature article “No Manifesto” for the iconoclastic and exuberantly imagined Plastikcomb magazine. Sprung from Eric’s design writing and graduate criticism seminar he teaches at the California College of the Arts (CCA), this piece posits that a manifesto that doesn’t constantly evolve and change isn’t a manifesto for the 21st century. If anything, “no manifesto(s)” is a good philosophy for a world of neverending gray and constant change.

The design reflects the flux of constant rethinking and re-editing that will continue well past the print publication of this piece. Traditional design refinement has no place in a world where hardline design rules don’t really exist anymore. Instead, the evolving and messy process is everything.

The work is only in print, so buy your copy from Plastikcomb today!