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Attention Western Wash U! This is NOT a Sagmeister!

Volume partner Eric Heiman journeyed up to Bellingham, Washington to give a lecture—called (lovingly, Stefan) “This is NOT a Sagmeister”—to the Western Washington University community.

Some of the highlights / insights:
-Beauty is still important. We just need to qualify it better.
-Complexity and depth are good things.
-Create experiences for introspection, not just distraction.
-You be can tortured about your work AND still be happy.
-LOVE (not like).
-It’s OK to take 6 months off and not produce a book or land a TED talk.
-Pure red and green look yellow and black when projected.

Eric had a fantastic time and thanks the WWU crew for its fine hospitality. Looking forward to coming back in April! (And, lastly, ask him to tell you about 17 year-old Garrett he met on the plane ride up.)

(And if you’re curious about the actual talk, we don’t have a video of it yet, but you can experience it through Eric’s slide presentation and notes here.)