White and Blue Every covers
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Eric’s cover for Dave Eggers is “Every”-where. (And nowhere.)

Volume partner Eric Heiman joins artists such as Tucker Nichols, Geoff McFetridge, and a host of others by designing a cover for Dave Eggers’ latest novel, The Every. A sequel to his earlier novel, The Circle, this book continues that book’s story “when the world’s largest search engine/social media company (the Circle) merges with the planet’s dominant e-commerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous—and, oddly enough, most beloved—monopoly ever known: the Every.” Hijinks, terror, and withering satire ensure.

The hardcover edition of The Every will be available in “a dizzying, ever-expanding, and entirely randomized array of cover variations exclusively through independent bookstores and here at McSweeney’s, the book’s independent, nonprofit publisher.” In short, we don’t know how you can get Eric’s cover, exactly, but maybe a note through the McSweeney’s store is the first step. We’ll post an update as soon as we have one!