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It’s a summer parade (of design awards).

So many of our projects are labors of love, often paying very little or not at all. And while design competitions may be old hat to Adam and Eric, our experienced and august leaders, a lot of our younger team members haven’t had the pleasure of their work being affirmed by peers in high places.

So having our all-hands-on-deck-after-hours-team-effort University of Kentucky exhibition win honors from Graphis, San Francisco Design Week, IdN, and Core77 was a nice little coda to that intense and rewarding experience. (One of our last communal creative gatherings before COVID, too). Then, our CCA graduate catalog got noticed by Communication Arts, while it also (along with the  undergraduate one, our 5M branding work, and SF Design Week poster) got a nod in the Graphis Design Annual. Thanks to these fine organizations and publications for the honors.