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Volume celebrates 10 (and some change) years

Getting in just under the wire before the wine making commenced, Volume held a spirited celebration of their decade-plus in business at the Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco playing host to a plethora of guests—even Eric’s mom and beloved plastic deer. Wine was drunk, tunes were played (by our awesome DJ Dan Strachota), sandwiches devoured (courtesy of the Ebbet’s food truck), and haikus recited (by our beat poet extraordinaire, Pablo Rosales). For those of you who missed it, here are some of those great haikus:

Come to the office.
Is there a stinky smell?
We just blame the dog.

Length times width times height,
That’s what’s on our business cards.
Not our, um, shoe size.

Adam is the tall guy.
Eric is only five foot nine.
He looks up a lot.

Volume floods on the day
The Passion of the Christ opens.
We’re going to hell.

We almost designed
The Big Book of Buds, part 2.
Research would’ve rocked.

Memo to Volume.
Using a fetus image
Never goes over well.

Once, someone asked us,
“Is it hard to work together
if you’re a couple?”