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Volume does a “dreamy” cover for National Novel Writing Month

Volume partner Eric Heiman contributed a cover to the 30 Days 30 Covers project, curated by Christopher Simmons of MINE, as part of National Novel Writing Month. Our assignment: The Dreamer by Sapphire 16. The synopsis:

“Jane lives in a world where everyone disappears when they fall asleep and returns when they wake. No one remembers anything at all about what happens during the night, except for the rare Dreamers, like Jane.

In the past, the government has requested that Dreamers work with them for research purposes, but when they suddenly change this request to a demand that all Dreamers turn themselves in, rumors start and suspicion grows. Jane must choose a side for the fast rising fight, and find out the truth about Dreamers and where people are disappearing to.”

It was good fun, so thanks for the invitation to contribute, Chris!