Bringing a 20th century building into the 21st.

How do we reposition a building created for a bygone American industrial giant in the mid-20th century to appeal to the creative information workers of the 21st? 100 California, Pembroke’s first entrée into the San Francisco real estate market, required remaking what was originally Bethlehem Steel’s stark west coast headquarters (built in 1960) into a more welcoming, human-focused place sensitive to the San Francisco worker of today.

Working in tandem with the renovation (designed by Blitz), we created a brand and marketing strategy that celebrates the Bethlehem Steel history and connects the ambition of that mid-century industrial age to that of the technology-fueled innovation of today.

Our creative process took cues from the building’s industrial Bethlehem Steel origins and the more human-focused mid-century modernism in vogue on the west coast when 100 California was built. The brand expressions—from messaging to digital and signage—update these historical inspirations for contemporary times, highlighting both the building’s rich history and updated features.

To separate the lobby from the Specialty’s next door, we created a 100 Cal neighborhood map of San Francisco rendered in the brand patterns.
Each elevator cab visualizes a historical moment related to the original construction of the building.
We installed temporary branding signage on the front entrance glass during the lobby’s renovation.
So Pembroke would have a branded space to entertain brokers and potential tenants, we created a low-cost and moveable installation that highlights the potential of 100 Cal’s spaces.