A fashion brand that teaches you to use new software.

In order to show off the new features for their Creative Suite 6 release, Adobe engaged Volume to conceive of a fictional multi-platform fashion brand we named The Pluralist that would provide another rich palette of engaging stories and visuals to show off and demo the software.

We collaborated in parallel with the various Creative Suite teams to ensure the assets would clearly illustrate the numerous new tools and features in the CS6 release. We organized and art-directed multiple photoshoots all over the country, then created publications (in both print and tablet format), 3-D illustrations, websites, and motion graphics that not only had to be engaging to the discerning designer, but sprung from source files the Adobe employees could easily demo and modify in real time.

For the Creative Cloud launch, Adobe asked Volume to extend The Pluralist story from the CS6 release into an outdoor lifestyle sub-brand. We again created a suite of materials that included print, tablet, interactive, and even product design to fill out the story of this offshoot brand. We utilized a plethora of Adobe products including the existing Creative Suite and new products such as Edge and Muse while also producing and art-directing a wild and wooly shoot in the backwoods of Kauai.