Illuminating the future of mixed-use in Tucson.

Volume helped our good pals at Envelope imagine a new paradigm of mixed-use development under the hot Arizona sun. CHROMA would bring a mélange of commercial, office, residential, and community structures to create a gateway to Tucson’s Miramonte neighborhood and provide an energized destination for locals and visitors alike.

Our site-specific identity uses the visual meter of the building facades as its initial cue, inspiring a custom typeface (developed with PSY/OPS) for the project. Then, it moves past static visual elements to harness light through dichroic glass panels that generate a constantly shifting color palette based on the sun’s position in the sky.

The pattern consists solely of vertical “lines” in various modular sizes that provide both coherence and variety based on their specific applications, whether two-dimensional or dichroic glass panels.

(Renderings courtesy of Envelope)

We also proposed implementing sculptural elements throughout the CHROMA site that provide human-scale moments and, in the case of the totems, provide wayfinding info as well as data and stories about the surrounding Tucson landscape.