A historic power plant gets a recharge.

EPIcenter is an adaptive reuse of a historic power plant in San Antonio, Texas. A think tank to bring entrepreneurs, technologists, and the local community together to celebrate new energy innovation. Working closely with Lake Flato, Volume was charged (sorry!) with developing the overarching identity and the exhibit spaces throughout.

A robust exhibit workshop took place with the EPIcenter team, architects, and a variety of industry partners to unearth opportunities, big ideas, and specific experiences. The results led to the conceptual design for the exhibit program.

A cornerstone element that hangs over the vertiginous nave space is the Momentum sculpture. This dynamic LED display artfully visualizes various live energy data feeds and transforms them into visceral sculptural art. Visitors also gain a new understanding of real-time energy use, receive up-to-the-moment energy-relates news, and can add their ideas for energy innovation to the feed through a smartphone.

The energetic (sorry again!) visual identity inspired by electrical iconography is a dynamic system that enables visual cohesion across various applications including print collateral, digital media, and environmental applications.