A classic brand revived by making it modern again.

Heath Ceramics is one of the few remaining mid-century era California potteries of handcrafted dinnerware and tiles. When Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey purchased the ailing company, their mission was to revitalize the brand by placing emphasis on both preserving founder Edith Heath’s handcrafted techniques and classic designs as well as introducing new products and design. Volume worked with Heath’s new owners to identify three core attributes that would infuse every expression of the rebrand: the company’s rich history, its dedication to handcrafted processes, and the ethos of west coast modern design.

What resulted was a 30% increase in sales revenues, as well as unprecedented press in top opinion-forming publications, including New York Times, Wallpaper and Dwell. The rebranding effort also served to enhance people’s emotional connection with the product and company by giving them a story about a local California handmade product that embodies a lifestyle they wish to have.

With a shoestring budget we were able to orchestrate a simple photoshoot of their massive product line focusing on the details of the product. Single sell sheets were created for each product line. These sheets are inserted into a 2-pocket folder and allow each package to be custom tailored to the person receiving the materials.
Dinnerware (above) and Tile (below) catalogs.

Along with the design writer Amos Klausner, Volume hatched an idea to propose to Chronicle Books a tome that would document Heath’s long and illustrious march and provide the new owners with a compelling vehicle in which to promote the company. Volume designed a rich homage to the past and present incarnations of Heath Ceramics that also acts as a perfect calling card for initiating newcomers into the wonders of the company.