A bridge to a better world, one branch at a time.

The Kalliopeia Foundation’s mission is to reconnect ecology, culture, and spirituality through grantmaking, education, and media initiatives. These programs including films, educational resources, and publications pointed towards making our world a better place for all. No small task!

Through an intimate collaborative process with Kalliopeia’s staff, Volume unearthed the organization’s essence and compelling narratives to design a brand identity that combines Kalliopeia’s reverence for tradition and nature with an eye toward a shared, optimistic future.

To represent the harnessing of nature to create structure and energy, the logo started off as a full circle. But that felt too closed off for an organization about collaboration, so it was halved into a gateway to give a feeling of openness.
Each employee’s business card is personalized with a “branch” of the logo’s overall structure to represent their individual role in the Kalliopeia organization.

The beautiful brand you created for Kalliopeia Foundation has been such a gift, and we’ve received lots of great feedback about its high quality and creativity. So first, I just want to say “thank you” again, and let you know how happy we are with your work.

Zoe Fuller-Rowell, Kalliopeia Executive Director