Creating the Groundhog Day of paper promotions.

Mohawk’s Solutions line is primarily pitched at in-house design teams, corporate materials, and projects on a budget. The promotion is a teaching guide to inspire designers to think expansively about how mundane source material can sing if viewed with a fresh perspective.

We randomly selected ten images and intuitively compiled them into a sequence that would repeat three times. Next, we gave the sequence to three writers who each wrote their own narrative to accompany it. We designed each story while still maintaining the same image layout throughout all three sequences. It’s a Groundhog Day scenario—always beginning in the same place yet arriving at three different outcomes, illustrating the various ways one can approach the same creative problem.

  • AIGA 365: Year In Design
  • Coupe International Design and Image Annual
  • Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects
  • Felt and Wire
  • Print Regional Design Annual

The longer I am in this busi­ness, the more sure I am of this idea: would I want to steal this piece? There were sev­eral pieces in this show that in­spired me to steal them. I can­not begin to tell you how many paper sam­ples or pro­mos I have thrown in the trash in 25 years. A LOT. Like­wise, there are a few that have been keep­ers, that have stood both the test of time re­gard­ing con­tent and de­sign. I found this piece en­gag­ing in de­sign, con­tent, and pro­duc­tion and found it could be re-vis­ited on all counts. If some­thing is worth steal­ing, it’s worth re­peat­edly gloat­ing over your theft. For that, client, de­signer, and printer should be pleased.

Marc English, Marc English Design and FPO Awards judge