Helping young writers (and aspiring pirates) go digital.

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to this gorgeous sea galleon that is the new 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store website! Created for the discerning pirate looking for lard or a spare glass eyeball, our design translates the fun, offbeat and engaging atmosphere of the physical store to the e-commerce environment. The website’s hull also hides (beneath piles of pirate booty) a robust CMS system that allows even the most fresh-faced sailor to add and visually customize product presentation, blog entries, and nonsensical films.

And just a few months after launch, sales of peg legs, eye patches, and treasure maps went up. Yarrrr, I guess the Captain won’t make we Volume sailors walk the plank after all!

The site's CMS allows 826 Valencia staff to select from a variety of typefaces for home page and blog posts. They can also customize the shape and frame detail for each featured product on the site.

The pirates at 826 Valencia don’t have much time to make movies for the website, let alone ones that require a lot of extra equipment and take deck-swabbers away from their duties. So we devised a set of guidelines that allow the staff to shoot and edit films quickly, often just using their smart phones.