A (slightly) cryptic rune for an unspoken secret club.

The Kitchen Sisters’ NPR and podcast series, The Keepers, highlights “stories of activist archivists, rogue librarians, curators, collectors and historians. Keepers of the culture and the cultures and collections they keep. Guardians of history, large and small, protectors of the free flow of information and ideas, eccentric individuals who take it upon themselves to preserve some part of our cultural heritage.”

The identity speaks to the archivist spirit of these “keepers” who often operate in the shadows. A slightly cryptic rune for this unspoken secret club. We also created an easy-to-use graphic system that allowed the Kitchen Sisters to create their own “Keeper of the Day” imagery without any help from us (aside from a short tutorial). Are they doing a great job or what? Brava, Kitchen Sisters!

Our simple, flexible graphic system allows for the variety of Keepers content while still providing a strong and consistent visual framework.

“We LOVE YOUR DESIGN! It turned out to be so right and permeable and adaptable for our themes and stories. We thank you so very deeply for it and for the process you brought us in to. What an honor that was to collaborate with you.”

—Davia Nelson, Kitchen Sister