Making the art museum all about you. Yes, YOU.

We were asked by YBCA to recast their brand image through the launch of the new “YBCA: You” program, which offered an “All-Access Art Pass” that would provide participants with intimate, social vehicles to engage with art, such as personal docent tours, exclusive VIP events with artists, and complimentary admission to various YBCA events.

With YBCA, we established key attributes, revealing that the campaign’s tone should strike the balance between accessible and sophisticated in the manner for which YBCA is known. The result inventively highlights an audience-centric ethos to capture people’s attention and direct them to learn more about the program. Instead of creating the usual museum promotion which forwards specific art, our design solution celebrates the audience—the YOU—in the form of these portraits that visualize visitors’ disparate reactions to YBCA’s offerings.

The campaign’s imagery was shared all over social media, and some people even called YBCA asking if there were any posters of the various heads for sale.

  • AIGA Design Envy
  • Core 77 Design Awards overall winner
  • AIGA Justified Competition
  • Print Regional Design Annual

I've waited 20 years for a cam­paign like this. This is [bleep]ing bril­liant!

ken foster, executive director of ybca